Hannah Gorman, a Chef's Story

Revel with DinnerThyme is the creation of Hannah Gorman.  Hannah trained and cooked professionally at celebrated restaurants and catering companies in Boston, San Francisco and New York City.  Originally from the Boston area, Hannah Gorman grew up on a working farm called "Seahorse Farm" in Ipswich, MA. Her obsession with food and parties started early when she rode her bike to wash dishes and bus tables on weekends and held Jerry Lewis Muscular Dystrophy festivals in her back yard. While pursuing a career in advertising, events and television, she continued to work in Boston restaurants, along with starting a popular fashion event called the "Closet Cannibals Fashion Bizarre".  A move to San Francisco ten years later saw her throwing in the towel and starting cooking full-time with abandon. That's when the "Big Bang" happened and she became certain of her true path and absolute passion. A move back East to New York City to cook, get married and start a family prompted her to open her own business... and that is how DinnerThyme began. And the fun hasn't stopped since.